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February 16, 2019
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February 16, 2019

10 Benefits of Exercising

10 Reasons Why you Should Prioritize Exercising

Most of us know the benefits of exercising, we know that it’s good for our bodies and our health. However, most people lack the motivation to start an exercise regime and keep at it until they see the results.

So, here are . . .

More Energy

Yes, exercising may be tiring for your body, in the end however, you will be less fatigued and more energetic. In a way, exercise rejuvenates your body.

Improve Your Mood

When we exercise our bodies, endorphins get released, and these make us feel happier. The benefit here is that you feel happier and you will feel better.

Improve your health

This one is a given. Besides helping you lose the excess fat, you will be better able to manage your body weight. Being able to manage your weight to a weight that is healthy will help you reduce getting strokes, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and more.

Improve your looks

Being fat or overweight does not leave one with a great feeling. Exercise can make you feel great again, as you will be able to lose weight, and you will be able to look and feel great.

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Play with children

If you have kids (maybe you have nieces and nephews like me), you will know that it takes a lot of energy to take care of them and keep at their pace. If you are overweight, this can be a real challenge. If you are fit however, you will hang with them as you will be able to keep up with them and do fun things with them.

You will have better sleep

Exercise gives you better quality sleep. The more you exercise, the more you find that you are able to sleep better, and the quality of your sleep will also improve.

Increase your strength and endurance levels

If you find that climbing a few steps leaves you panting, then you should definitely start exercising. Exercise will help you build some endurance, to the point where you are able to climb stairs or carry things without looking like you are going to pass out.

Reduce stress levels

Remember I mentioned that endorphins get produced when you exercise. Besides that, getting fit will keep the stress away, as well as anxiety.

Sense of achievement

If you decide to start exercising, you will feel great when you see the progress that you are making each and every week. You will feel a sense of pride, that you have achieved something, when you could have given up.

 Stay healthier for longer

The more you are able to exercise now and keep your body in shape, is the more you will be able to keep yourself healthier, for longer, into old age.  Exercise will surely help in reducing certain health problems, as you get older.

Now that you know all the benefits that exercising can bring into your life, it should make it that much easier to want to start immediately. You don’t even have to devote hours to it, just 30 minutes a day can make a huge difference.

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