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Love is a beautiful thing when it happens, and I think deep down, we all have a desire to meet someone to call our own, that special soulmate to go through life with and share life’s special moments.

The movies we watch and the songs we listen to and all the million things around us tell us that love is supposed to be easy, that things will stay beautiful forever, that when there is true love there won’t be hard times. But that is just not true.

Real life and real love will come with challenges. I guess that is the biggest test of the love you have for the person you are with. That is the true test of your love, to face challenges challenges together and emerge even better than before. Once the honeymoon phase passes, most relationships crumble after a while, and it shouldn’t be that way.

Here is how you can keep your love growing strong, even if your heart beats normally again, even if the butterflies in your stomach stop, and even if the dust settles and you start noticing their most irritating traits.

Love reminders to keep a great relationship going


Love can be complicated & messy

Love is a lot of things. In addition to being beautiful, it can be mysterious and it can be unpredictable. What it means is that you must know you will need to dig your heals in and sort out whatever is threatening the love you have for one another.

Love can grow

Love can grow if you allow it to. It’s not a feeling that constantly takes over you and makes your heart flutter, because remember feelings change all the time. Love is a decision, and it can be nurtured and it can be learned.


In a relationship, we all should strive to be the best we can be. When you are the best you, making sure you take care of your body, making sure that you look good, pursuing your goals and all the things that make you great, your person will be attracted to you,and you will be attracted to them. Because you are both making an effort to be amazing.

The art of making love

Movies and magazines make it seem like this amazing thing ( and it is). However, even couples who love each other deeply can struggle with the love making part of their life. Just like everything else in life, its something couples must work at together, to get to a great place. You may like different things from your partner, and you may have different energies when it comes to making love and the frequency that you want it. As a couple, you have to work through those issues and find the best spot for each other.

Love is not something you get from your partner

We always expect our partners to make us feel great, to make us whole and make us happy. No, that is something that you should be giving to yourself and to your partner, and when it comes from you, it will flow over to the person you are with. Give whatever it is you expect from your partner, and instead of having the mentality of “take, take, take”, you should have that one of giving.

Romance and being in love is not chocolates, roses or candlelight dinners

Those are great, I agree. However, love goes way deeper than that. It can be as simple as your partner doing the dishes, or washing the car, making you lunch, indulging your family. Love has many faces.

There will be times when you want to give up

When challenges come, it may get so hard to the point where you are ready to give up and just walk away from the relationship. It doesn’t mean that you are necessarily in the wrong relationship, it just means the time as come for the two of you to learn more about each other and grow together.

The negative thoughts you have are not necessarily true

There may be something that you are insecure about in your relationship. You may be having certain thoughts about something that does not sit well with you. Just because you have negative emotions around a particular thing does not mean that they make it something true. Your insecurity may mean that you have issues to deal with, they are not a confirmation that your partner did something wrong.


Nagging won’t help your relationship

Nagging is one of the things that will make your relationship feel extremely unpleasant. It never makes anything better, only worse. So don’t do it.

Appreciate your person

Gratitude is one of the best things that you can do for your relationship, and your life in general. This will help you appreciate the person in your life, which is essential for every thriving relationship.

You will be get angry at your person sometimes

Relationships are not a well oiled machine. There will be misunderstandings and there will be challenges. At times, your partner may hurt or disappoint you, and there will be days that you go to bed angry at each other, or you being angry at them. The trick is to make sure that you deal with the issues in your relationship quickly.

It’s allowed to feel bored at times

Your relationship won’t always be thunder and lighting. Over time, as things settle, it will be normal and even boring. It’s allowed.

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