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October 11, 2014
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5 Signs Your Relationship Is Built to Last

It can be extremely difficult to be in a relationship where you just don’t know where you stand with someone. You may be picturing a lifelong commitment, that ends up in a marriage and happily ever after, only to find that the one you are with is not thinking about that.

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If your partner is not one to talk about what they feel about you and where the relationship is going, you may possibly be confused about where they are and what they are feeling about you. And trying to read the signals might be difficult.

So, we have compiled 5 things that may tell you that your relationship has a chance of standing the test of time.

Your partner talks about the future

If the person that you are with is one who talks about the future, talks about you together as “us” and “we”, that is a really good thing. If you are a couple that is not living together, and your partner talks about moving in together, then it’s a really good sign. If they never talk about the future, and they become evasive every time you bring up the subject, then your relationship might be in trouble.

You always want to be together

You two are always together, you love spending time together. And this is a good thing. Relationships where people spend time together is great, relationships where people do not spend time together will find it hard to stay together.

When the person you are with gives you time, and is ready to even walk away from certain things just to make time for you, this is a great sign that things are moving in the right direction.

You have stuck it out

Every relationship has its challenges, and I am sure you have had your share in your relationship.

But if you have been through things, and were able to get through it, then it’s great. Great relationships will have the partners be able to go through whatever storms, and weather them together. If anything, storms in relationships that are great end up having the people getting closer together.

If you have managed to go through whatever came your way, and you are still together, stronger and more solid, then thats a great sign that your relationship has a great chance to last.

You make it work no matter what

Our lives are busy, there is family, work, schedules, distance and a million other things that demand your attention and time. But if you can find that time to be with the person you love and make time for your relationship, then it means that your relationship and the person in your life is important to you.

Thats a great thing. The strength of a relationship is in how the couple goes through things and find solutions that work for them. If your relationship is a priority, then you both will commit to working it out, no matter what happens to try to trip you up.

You can be yourself around your partner

With your future person, there is no need to always be dressed up, even when you don’t feel like it.

You will get to the point where you are so comfortable, that you can chill in whatever, and your person will not expect you to be dollied up all the time. This is a truly great sign.

If you see these signs in your relationship, then you have yourself a solid relationship If you continue working on it, you probably have something that is for keeps.

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