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5 Steps for Attracting Your Perfect Partner



Being single is hard, especially if you do not want to be. When a relationship is something you want, and you are not meeting the right kind of person that you see yourself with, that is not easy and of course you will wonder when that person will cross paths with you. Based on what has worked in the past for others and myself, here are some ways to attract a person to fall in love with.

5 Ways to Attract the Perfect Partner

1. You must see yourself as you’d like to be seen

It is easy for the world to decide who you are, and make opinions of you. What you need to do is to know who you are, not what someone decides you are. Don’t let the way people see you makes you think the same about yourself. You need to be true to yourself, love yourself and appreciate yourself, and not let the negative opinions of you be your truth.

2. Feel good about yourself

Believe and see the great things about yourself and your life. The world really has the power to make us think and see certain things about ourselves, things that are not necessarily true that unfortunately we also start to believe. You need to have confidence in yourself and see just how amazing you are. For someone to see amazing things about you, you first need to see then in yourself!

3. Stop fighting the loneliness

It’s normal to feel lonely now and again, especially when you long to have a relationship. Being alone is not necessarily the worst thing, look at it as that time that you have to get into things that you have wanted to do. Accept that there’s no one in your life currently, and decide what you want and commit to getting it.

4. Picture yourself having found your partner, happy

Just like you have to see your future having found all that you dream of, it is the same when you are looking for that special perfect one. See yourself having met your partner, looking and feeling happy. See yourself with them, doing things with them and having your dreams coming true. Picture the two of you happy and content.

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5. Set an intention about finding the love of your life

Just like a goal that you can make, setting an intention. Intentions are great, because all the obstacles that you can see with goals, intentions remove them.

Finding a life partner is great, because life is not meant for one to be alone. Just open yourself up to love and to finding that perfect special one.

Remember, in order for you to find the perfect partner, you also need to be the perfect partner for whoever will be in your life.


Featured image by Amanda Nicole Betley

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