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Signs He is Emotionally Unavailable

Being in a relationship requires certain things to work, in order to propel the relationship forward, and in order for you to be happy in that relationship. Sometimes, you can be in a relationship with someone who is unavailable, sometimes physically, emotionally or both. That is a surefire way to make sure that the relationship does not move forward.

It can be heartbreaking to desperately want to be with someone in a relationship, where you are the one who is trying to make it work. It can be really heartbreaking to want to connect with someone emotionally, only to be hurt time and time again.

If you see any of these things in your relationship, you might be involved with a guy who is unavailable, and that can only break your heart in the end.

No Plan

People who are in relationships make plans to be together, to hang out together and go on dates. Someone who is unavailable will not make plans, they will make plans when it is convenient for them and only as last-minute alternative.

No Romantic Dates

Candle lit dinners or drinks at the hottest place is not something you can expect when you are dating someone unavailable. There won’t be any romantic dates, maybe they can hang with you in a group, or hang out with you at home. And this may be fun in the beginning, but as time goes on, a woman loves a guy who can do romantic dates and make her feel special.

No Sharing

Forget about being asked about how your day was, what your thoughts are and what your feelings are. The guy you are with doesn’t really want to get know you on a deep level, because that might require them to open up emotionally and that’s not what they want.

No Regular or Proper Communication

They might communicate with you here and there, but forget about deep talks where you need to open up and get vulnerable. They are just not interested in that!

No Cuddling

The relationship will lack that intimacy that comes with having sex, because sex is just a physical thing to him and he’s probably not interested in cuddling with you afterwards. In fact, he might even not be interested in spending the night with you, and sex just becomes a physical thing.

You aren’t a Part of his Life

You may be in his life, but he is not letting you in completely. He does not introduce you to any of his friends, let alone his family. He probably won’t even talk to you about them.

If you are in a relationship like this, just know that there is no future for this relationship. There is no happy ending for you, and you will be left broken-hearted. If the guy in your life is not interested in spending quality time with you, if he is not interested in your feelings and thoughts, if he is not interested in the two of you connecting on that deep level that a true relationship needs, then that relationship is going nowhere.

Unless you are as unavailable as he is, you need to get out.

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