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7 Reasons to Get on a Bike and Start Cycling

As a kid, the only thing that I wanted more than anything was a bike. Not only did I want to be like the other kids, but I genuinely loved being on a bike.

That love for biking grew up with me, today I still love cycling. And it’s also my favorite exercises at the gym, when I do go.

So, here are . . .

Health Benefits of Cycling

Take advantage of a beautiful day

I am sure you can think of a few things to do to enjoy a beautiful day but cycling is one of the great ways to spend your time. Not only would you be taking in beautiful sites in a relaxed way, you would also be burning calories. In fact there are even suggestions that riding a bike is more beneficial than taking a walk. Biking is a great way to push an active lifestyle without the extra pressure.

It does not strain your legs, ankles, feet and knees like running does

Cycling is a great exercise, you can lose weight, get fitter and get slimmer without your joints getting strained. There’s virtually no impact on your joints when it comes to cycling. Running however can mess up your joints and definitely strain them. Whether you are 20 or 75, you can take up cycling and enjoy the benefits, while keeping your joints intact and strain free.

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It’s a great form of transport

Headed to the shop, why not use your bike instead? Whether you are going to work or just about anywhere for that matter, you can use the bike and cycle there. Not only will you be doing your part in saving the environment, you will be doing your body a great service, as you will be being active and burning calories at the same time. Did I mention that you will be saving money also?

It’s something you can do right into your golden years

You may be in great shape right now, and that’s great, but you will not be able to do certain exercises like lifting weights when you are a senior. Cycling however, is something you can do forever. Running as an old man or woman, will just mess up your joints even more, and most people just cannot run when they are old. It’s just too sore. With cycling, you can never have those kind of issues.

It’s a great stress reducer

We know that exercise reduces stress, because when we exercise, the happy hormones are released. Cycling can do that for you. If anything, this is one great reason to take up cycling.

You can do it for charity

I am sure you have heard of causes where people do it for charity, or big walks that benefit great causes. If you wanted to participate in that, you can use cycling as a vehicle to do that and give back to the community by cycling for a great cause.

Explore the area around you

A bike is a great way that you can use to explore the area around you. Unlike walking or jogging, with a bike, you can cover a much bigger area, quickly.


Biking or cycling is great for you, it’s great for your body. It’s fun thing to do . . . and you won’t ever have to be in traffic. Why don’t you add it into your keeping fit regimen?

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