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9 Signs of a Committed Relationship

As a relationship progresses, women (and some men) wonder if their relationship is as serious as they want it to be. They wonder if it’s a fling and they wonder about where it is headed. Here are some signs for a serious relationship, that will help you gauge where your relationship is.

Signs for a Committed Relationship

Being honest 100% of the time 

Honesty in a relationship is one of the core fundamentals, and without it, a relationship will not be able to continue properly. When it’s a committed relationship, it’s even more important. Your partner should be able to tell you all . . . everything . . . no matter how ugly it looks.

Loyalty, especially when it’s tough

Sure, life can bring people on our paths, and it’s a known fact that some people have no regard for their relationships or the people they are with. When you are in a committed relationship, and you love the person you are with, you will not just abandon your relationship to pursue someone new. Sure, you might see amazing looking women or great guys, but your relationship will mean a lot to you, and you will love your person enough to not want to put them through that.

Talking it out

Communication is one the most important foundations for a committed serious relationship. Couples need to communicate constantly, from the little things (the little exchanges that you may have in the morning at the beginning of the day) to the big issues where important issues are addressed. This helps to not have huge issues bottle up, which can lead to bottled up anger and frustration.

Meeting their best friends and their family

Let’s be honest, it’s not a serious relationship until you meet your partner’s friends or their family. It is only in them thinking you are important enough to meet the people closest to them that the relationship can be serious. If someone is prepared to let you in their life like that, it’s looking good.

I becomes we

When your partner starts talking about the two of you, and making plans for the future, then it’s looking good. They stop seeing themselves as I because they realise and embrace that their situation has changed, and they are letting you in. It means they start seeing the future with you in it.

They will be there for you

No matter what life throws at you, if you have someone who’s for keeps, they will be there for you no matter what. It is in your time of need or a crises, that’s the time they should be strong for you, and be there for you to lean on. If they run at the first sign of a bad patch, it’s not looking good.

Showing love

Love is a verb right? So, just saying I love you is not enough, you have to show the person you are with that you love them. People in serious committed relationship prioritize that, and make their partners feel loved and appreciated. Sometimes, it’s all about the little things, and gratitude can do a lot for a couple.

Moving in together

Most couples that are in committed relationships move to the stage of moving in together, when they feel it’s the right time. This is of course one of the big signs for commitment, and of course when you love someone, it is a logical step.

Make time

No matter how busy you are, you will make time or the person that you love. Most of us have very busy lives, but no matter how hectic things get, you have to make time for the person in your life. And when you love them, it’s a matter of wanting to make that time, not because you have to.

You are probably going to look at your relationship and think about these things. The truth is, you probably already know if there is a real future with the person you are with.

So, just be honest with yourself and be fair to you.


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