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Bachelor Colton Underwood Is Still Afraid of Having His Heart Broken

Could The Bachelor Colton Underwood Have His Heart Broken?

Have you been watching this season of The Bachelor who happens to be Colton Underwood? If you have you will know that there has been plenty of drama with the women on this season.

There have been a few fights between the girls who are vying for his attention, first it was Hanna B and Caellyn, who were rivals before the season even started. They have since ironed out their differences though, after deciding to focus on their relationships with Colton.

This past week though saw 5 women leave the show . . . with Demi being the most shocking one. She seemed like a front runner, but when she sneaked to get some quality time with Colton, he made it very clear that he didn’t see her in the end of the journey as being one of the final 2.

What came out from most of the women who were leaving, was that there were women in the show that he is keeping around who are not even ready to make that kind of commitment that he is looking for. It became clear that there were women that came without the true intentions of falling in love, some were not taking the process as seriously as Colton was and that got him freaked out.

Throughout the season, Colton has made it clear that his biggest fear was going through this process and ending up having his heart broken.


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