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Dog Tips for First Time Dog Owners

Ok . . . so like thousands of people in South Africa, you decided to get a dog. Congrats are in order . . . but like many people, maybe you don’t know much about dogs.  Hopeful with this article you can learn a trick or two about taking care of your new dog.

Providing a Warm, Welcome, and Loving Home

One of the first things to do as a dog owner is to have some bonding time with your new dog. One of the best ways to do this is to have a home that feels accommodating and welcoming for the dog. His needs have to be catered for, and if the dog is a little puppy, you have to take care of his needs more so than you would with a bigger dog. A bigger dog may require outdoor space to play in and roam around, compared to a smaller dog.

Make sure that your home is dog friendly, safety has to be a priority. Certain foods, some plants and other things may cause your dog much harm, so you need to be very careful where you have the dog.


Keep Your Dog Well-Fed 

Your dog is going to need food and water to be well and healthy and happy.  Just giving him food is not nearly enough, it needs to be food that enhances his health and gets him thriving.

Some dog owners tend to give their dogs human food, but because this is not dog food, it may not be the best for him, and some foods may not be ideal for him. In fact, some foods that we eat is bad for dogs, such as onions and chocolate. Give him foods that are well balanced., that are created with dogs in mind.

With feeding him, you need to make sure that he stays hydrated. Dogs need water to thrive, so one of the core things is to make sure that he has cleaning water to drink at all times.

Be Kind to your Dog

Your dog is a dog, but that does not mean that you need to treat him in a less kind manner. Believe it or not, dogs also have feelings, and the way you talk to him will have an effect on him, whether positive or negative.

Your tone of voice matters and you should keep it loving and pleasant. This is not to say that you should not discipline your dog when he does something wrong, be firm and strong in a sharper tone when you reprimand him and reward him when he is being a great dog. Just like with human beings, lashing out at your dog is not a good idea, and it probably won’t bring the desired results.

Love Your Dog and Let him Know That  You Love Him

As a pet owner, you should love your dog, and he needs to feel that love coming from you. Give him attention, as well as affection, spend that quality time with him. Make sure that you get him pet health insurance for dogs, for peace of mind.

You are his most treasured companion, so just as you mean the world to him, he needs to mean the world to you. The love that you show him in those early days will go a long way in building the love and bond that will last for years to come. it will make him feel safe and loved.


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