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How to Be the Guy She Brags About

A lot of guys are just happy to have one of those relationships that are average and ordinary. But you are not content with that, and that’s why you are on this page reading this.

The great thing is that you can transform your relationship and go from ordinary to great, with a few things. You can be that guy that puts a smile on her face, that guy that she can’t stop raving about to her friends.

So here are . . .

Ways to Be The Guy That She Brags About to Her Friends

Date her like he’s the new girl in your life

Just remember how things were in the beginning, when the love was new and the two of you first started out? That’s how you need to date her, because then, everything was exciting, everything was new and everything was beautiful. You were putting in the time and the effort, and of course it did wonders for your relationship.

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Be present

Women love feeling loved and important, and one of the best ways to do this is to spend time with her, just completely focused on her. As in, not watching the game or busy on your phone, but more like focusing on her and giving her all your attention.

The little things count a lot

The little things count for a lot when it comes to her feeling loved and appreciated. Sure, she will smile and be happy if you take her out on an expensive dinner, but she will appreciate it that much more if you were to do the dishes and take out the garbage without her nagging you first.

Buy her flowers and chocolate, without any reason, rub her feet when she feels tired, prepare a meal for her. It’s all in the little things . . . they really do count for a lot!


Let Her In

Open up to her, let her in and share your emotions with her. Don’t be that guy who can’t get emotional and remains cold, open your heart to her and share your fears and uncertainties. Women want to connect with human beings, and showing your emotions does not mean that you are weak. It shows that you are human and that you trust her enough to let her see that part of you.

Praise and Appreciation

If there are things that you love about her, tell her, And it should not just be about her great behind, or her sexy curves. If you love her personality, her character, the things she does, let her know. Any woman loves genuine compliments from the man in her life.


Doing these tips will take your relationship to a new level, and it will benefit immensely. Do a little experiment by yourself, and try doing some of these and notice just how she responds.

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