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5 Reasons to Have More Sex

Why Sex Is Good For You?

In case you don’t know, having sex really improves your health! You shouldn’t need a reason to get your relationship heated up and have a reason to have sex, but if you do, you have come to the right place, because we are about to give you some great reasons why you should do it more often.

Sex burns calories, helps you lose weight!

Let’s admit it, having sex beats going to the gym by far. And it can help you burn calories, get toned up and can increase your heart rate.Depending on how physical things get between you and your partner, getting intimate can benefit you, the same way gym can. Isn’t that a great enough reason for you to get all physical tonight?

It helps you sleep better

After that amazing climax that everyone looks forward to, your body releases a hormone that puts you in relaxation mode, and it can help you sleep easier and better. After that climax, the body needs that rest to recharge, you should take advantage of that.

It helps to lower your blood pressure and stress

No surprise here. Having more sex puts you in a much better space, if you are dealing with stress, and it also reduces the blood pressure. So, if you are dealing with stress, a great remedy is to get physical with your partner, and relieve some of the stress that you are dealing with.


It makes your heart stronger

People who have regular sex enjoy a better and healthier than those who do not. Your heart gets strengthened when you engage in intimacy type of activities, which lowers the risk of suffering from heart disease.

It will strengthen your relationship

One of the problematic issues in relationships is couples who do not get intimate enough. Sex, is extremely important in a relationship, as it gets the couple closer together, strengthening the bond they have. It’s all because of Oxytocin, which is known as the love hormone, and rightfully so. When a couple gets intimate, this hormone gets released, increasing the feelings that the couple may have for each other.


Sex is good for you, and to have a healthier and happier life, make it a part of your existence.

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