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Signals That She’s No Longer Interested in You

When you are in a relationship with a woman, no matter how in love you are, you are bound to having those disagreements that come with being a couple. What will make you successful in navigating your relationship is in the way you will work out your differences.

If you are with a woman, and something shifts in the relationship, as her boyfriend you are supposed to feel the shift. If there is trouble in the relationship and she is thinking about the relationship and whether she should stay, then as her man, you should be able to sense it.

Here are some  . . .

Signals That She’s Not Interested Anymore

There are little tell-tale signs that can help determine if there is trouble brewing in your relationship, and if you see some of these signs, you can be sure that she will be leaving the relationship sooner or later.

She’s unavailable to go out on a date with you

Women really love when they love. And when she is with a guy that she adores, that she cares for and that she is attracted to, she will make time for you, no matter how much she has going on in her life. When she stops being available, then this is definitely a sign of trouble. Women thrive on love, especially if she’s with a guy that she loves, so if she stops making the effort to be with you, you must know that something is seriously wrong.

She avoids communication with you

Women love to talk. Whether it’s on the phone, whether it is chatting, whether it is texting, whatever form of communication it is, women will be open to it if it’s with a man that she loves and want around in her life. If she ignores your calls, or she does not respond to messages or she signs out of her Facebook account the second you start chatting to her, then she really does not want to be talking to you. And this could mean that she is just not interested in talking to you because her interest may be somewhere else.

She flirts with other men in your presence

Being social is allowed, but if your girl is openly flirting with guys and you are right there, then this is a sign of trouble. Her doing that clearly shows that she does not respect you,and more than anything she is showing you that she does not consider herself to be your girl.

She avoids sex or pda

If you had a normal sexual relationship, and then all of a sudden, she starts making excuses about not wanting to have sex, or she does not want to kiss you or she pulls away every time that you try to get intimate, it’s a sign. If there was never an issue before, and then you start getting excuses from her about being intimate with you, there’s a BIG problem.

She doesn’t care about her appearance anymore

Of course, when you have been seeing someone for a while, there will be those moments when you are just relaxing in your sweatpants. And there will be times when she makes an effort to look sexy and beautiful for you. When she starts neglecting how she looks completely, then you should know that something is off. Your woman who is attracted to you will make an effort to make sure that you still find her attractive, and she will beautify herself for you.

She no longer gets jealous about other women 

When you started going out, other women would be an issue, especially if you noticed how attractive they are. Any woman who is with a man that she loves will never be completely comfortable with other women around her man. If she starts getting comfortable, to the point where she does not even get upset about it, that’s a big problem. It gets worse, if she were to even encourage you to pursue someone, that’s really the worst case scenario.

When problems start brewing in a relationship, a lot of the time some couples just ignore them, hoping that they will go away, and most often than not they actually don’t. There may be signs that a relationship will end, and there may be signs that there is trouble.


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