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10 Things Not To Do In Your Relationships

Part of being happy in life involves being able to build positive relationships with the people close to you or those that you love or those whom you are in contact with. What I have learned about us human beings, is that life is that much sweeter when we nagivate through it with people we love. 

Things You Should Not Do in your Relationship

If that is something you want, here are 10 things that you need to stop doing in order to be able to build great relationships:

  • Comments that are hurtful – certain comments that come out of our mouths are more hurtful than helpful. Before saying something, pretend it is you hearing it, and ask yourself how you would take it. If it is something that you would not like to hear, chances are that it will not be nice for someone else to hear, so rather keep quiet.
  • Offering advice that is not asked for – when someone comes to you looking for an ear to listen, are you one of those people who are just preparing for something to say while a person is sharing with you? When someone comes to you, do not assume they are looking for advice. Sometimes, they are really just looking for someone to listen to them, and share the frustrations that they are going through. So do not offer advice if it’s not asked for.
  • Do not be judgemental – it is never a nice thing to be judged or labelled or for someone to treat you like they are better So refrain from judging people for who they are or for the things they say.
  • Being defensive to criticism – there are people who will criticize you for the things you do or say, what is important is how well you are going to take that criticism to better yourself. Most people become defensive, instead we should all strive to make something positive out of it.
  • Do not boss people around – No one likes to be told what to do, how to do it and when to do it. So do not do it, because you would not like it if someone was trying to control what you do.
  • Not being responsive – it is never a nice thing if I try to communicate with someone and they do not communicate back or respond. It gives me the impression that what I was trying to say to them is not important. Not responding is not a good thing, and refrain from doing it because you also would not want someone to treat anything you say to them as unimportant.
  • Thinking you know everything – there is more than one way to do something, and you will not always be right. At times, someone might have a better suggestion than you, so you need to be open minded to try other ways.
  • Complaining a lot – Complaining when its due and only now and again is okay. The problem comes when you are doing it all the time, this is when people start being tired of you. Being around someone negative is draining, because that energy will rub off on you, that’s why people will avoid you if you complain all the time.
  • Not keeping promises or going back on your word – I personally do not like it if someone commits to something and backs down somewhere along the way. In my personal opinion, it makes you not trustworthy and it leaves a bad impression on you. So, try and honour commitments.
  • Not listening – when someone is talking to you, are you really listening to what they are saying? Do you really hear what they are saying, or do you plan your grocery list when someone is talking to you? Listening is very important and its a skill that you should train yourself to be able to do well.

If you want to improve your relationships, work on these things and not do them so you can get along better with the people in your life.

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