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February 16, 2019

Ways to Make Your Snacking Healthy

I am sure you don’t need me to tell you that snacking can sabotage your weight loss efforts. Snacking by itself is ok, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, the problem is the things that you snack on.

If you absolutely have a weakness for snacks (the wrong kind of snacks, then don’t be surprised if you “eating healthy’ and your exercise programs are not helping you to lose weight.

How to Snack Healthily

Keep the bad snacks out of the house

If you know that you have a weakness for the bad snacks, then just keep them outside of the home. If they are not there, and you don’t keep seeing them every time you open your cupboard or your fridge, then you might have a great chance to not keep eating them. The best thing is to make sure that you do not buy them. Therefore, when you crave for them, you will be forced to put in more effort to get them, like having to drive out to the shop or to walk to the shop to get them. This will make sure that you find it difficult to just eat them.

Have bottle of water at all times

Sometimes when that snack craving hits you, before you get all crazy with what to eat and all that, just have some water. Sometimes it’s not hunger, it’s a craving that is fueled by the fact that you are dehydrated. So, drink some water and see if you are still having the craving. Just get that out of the way, and sometimes you will notice that you were not really craving a thing.

Look at the ingredients

Whatever it is that you are planning to snack on, look at the ingredients of the things that were added in there. Just because the name of something sounds healthy does not mean that it is. If it has too much sodium, has trans fats, has names like ‘sodium acid pyrophosphate” in it, then its really bad for you and you shouldn’t put that inside your body.

Mind the portions that you eat

Ok, so you are really craving for some Simba chips and you decide to get a pack. But instead of eating a serving, you decided to go through the whole pack of 100 g of chips. Instead of the 25 to 40 g that you are supposed to eat, you have now gone and eaten a full big bag of chips, and trust me the calories consumed will be more. It’s clear than consuming more calories will unfortunately have an effect on your waistline, keep that in mind. So, be mindful of the portions that you eat and the calories that you eat.

Be aware of what you put in your mouth and how much

Experts always recommend that we eat on a proper table, and when eating snacks, to not eat blindly. Know what you are putting in your body, because when you are not “aware), you will eat the wrong foods, and you will eat more portions than you are supposed to. It’s like eating in front of the tv, it’s very possible to eat way more than you wanted to, just because your mind is more focused on what’s playing on tv rather than on what you are eating. So, decide how much to eat and put it in a separate serving side plate or bowl, so that when it is finished, that will register for you and you will know that you have eaten all that you wanted to.

Utilize your freezer

Stock up on healthy freezer snacks, and try and eat those as much as you are able to. Nothing beats eating healthy foods, if you are trying to get your weight under control.

Buy some healthy bars

Get some healthy bars, the ones that might be a little more expensive and snack on those. Sure, you will pay more for them, but they are healthy and some actually taste great.

High fibre snacks to the rescue

If you are snacking in “bad” snacks because you are hungry and want to snack on something, then maybe you should eat some high fibre snacks, as they will keep you fuller for much longer than just regular snacks. Try some fruit, like an apple or raspberries.

Fruits, veggies and almonds

When you feel like you are unsure what are the best or healthy snacks to eat, or maybe you just do not have the time to prepare something healthy for you, then fruits, almonds and veggies should be your great friend. With fruits and veggies, you can prepare them before hand, so that when that snacking craving hits you, you can have them ready waiting for you. Also, buy some almonds and keep them ready, they are extra healthy for you, so keep them handy. Cashews are also great for you, so you can switch between them and almonds.

Snacking is the downfall for many others, so you are not alone. However, if you focus on eating only healthy snacks, you will be one step ahead. Remember to check what ingredients are added in, mind the portions that you eat and have a glass of water now and again.

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