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February 16, 2019
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Why Burst Training is What You Need to Finally Lose Weight

If you have been to the gym, I am quite sure you have seen gals waiting around to get to their gym class, and I bet you have seen those waiting in line to access a free treadmill.

What would you say if I told you that you could lose weight without that gym class or that treadmill? What if I told you that there’s another way, a better way actually to tone your body, build the muscle that you want to and have your body burn fat?

What am I talking about? Burst training!

What Is Burst Training?

Burst is really what is called high intensity training, and it’s really about doing short bursts of exercises that are high intensity, for about 30 seconds to 60 seconds. These would then be followed by recovery periods of about a minute or so.

What I love the most about these kind of exercises is that you do not need any special or expensive equipment to do this. And you can pretty much do them anywhere.

How Burst Training  Can Help You Burn Fat Really Fast

When you do burst training, your heart rate is elevated, and this causes an oxygen deficit in your body. Your body has to work in order to recover this oxygen deficit, and without getting too technical, your body has to burn fat in order to do this.

You like many others can opt for the treadmill, but hardly people ever use high intensity fat burning workouts when they are on it. Most people just use the treadmill for low intensity workouts, so you miss out on all the benefits that you could get.

So, what you want to do if you are going to exercise is to go as hard as you can, and make your exercise as intense as you can. This way, you won’t ever need to spend hours at the gym.


Want to give it a try?

I hope you will consider trying it out at least. It truly is one of the best things if you want to start seeing results from your weight loss efforts, as you will see your body burning fat.

In order to start, you will have to choose something to do, running, swimming, cycling, flapjacks or whatever you want. For 60 full seconds, you must go at it as hard as you can, and push your body as hard as you can. What you want is to be breathless after that exercise, if you are not breathless, your intensity levels were not up to par. Push your body hard for 60 minutes, then you can recover for the next minute or two.

That’s burst training. If you can do 10 sets of high intensity workouts a day, it will be less than 30 minutes of your time, and having no time to exercise will never be an excuse ever again.

You can have the body you want, get in the exercise you need to keep your weight managed without spending hours at the gym. The 30 minutes you normally spend on the treadmill, you can trade that to do burst training, that will help you sculpt your body better.

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